How long have you been doing search engine optimization?

8 years.

Where do you live?

I live in central New Hampshire, in a nice little town called Meredith. I was born in NYC

Do you like doing SEO?

I love it.

Why do you love doing SEO?

I was once a tournament chess player, and even though I was only a strong intermediate, I studied chess like I was preparing to play against a Grandmaster.I see a similarity in doing SEO. It is the fact that it’s one brain against another, and whoever has the highest skills or cleverness, or tenaciousness, wins, and I hate to lose.The monstrous advantage of SEO over chess is of course that you’re allowed to read your opponents mind.

What do you mean?

If you know where to look, you can lay bare all of your opponents strategies with careful analysis and certain software, which is ultimately very much like reading his mind. There are very few secrets in SEO. It’s a very transparent platform. The standard SEO mindset is to find out what your competitor is doing, and then do it better. Bingo. I sure wish I could have done that in chess!

Who is your ideal client?

My ideal client is the business owner who is as passionate about ranking his business as I am, acts decisively on getting things in motion, and has the money to invest. Some owners love to nickel and dime you. I’m not interested in that kind of owner.

Could you elaborate further?

Sure, if business owners are really passionate about getting a high ranking, and they hire me to build a website, or do SEO, or whatever, then I expect them to get the content and images to me ASAP, and be calling me about their progress. I don’t enjoy having to call business owners to remind them about getting material to me. I’m excited. They should be excited. Let’s make some money here. I try not to approach business owners who are too small an operation, or struggling, or could otherwise not afford me. I give full value in my work, and I have a money-back guarantee.  It is risk free proposition for the business owner. Not too many SEO companies offer that. You ultimately like what I’ve done or you get your money back

That sounds risky.

It’s very risky if you don’t know what you’re doing. I can’t violate Google’s rules by publicly guaranteeing anyone a certain position by the time I’m done, but I know what I’m capable of, and it’s a pretty safe bet for me. Yes, I know you can’t predict what Google will do, but if you follow their ground rules, stay white hat, and give searchers what they are looking for, you’ll do fine. I’ve been doing it for years. I’ve survived all kinds of algorithmic updates. Accurate research and analysis will keep you alright in the end. If I see I might have a problem breaking into that client’s SERPs, I’ll turn down the job.

How do you price jobs?

I look at a lot of factors to come up with a fee. I used to work strictly on an hourly basis. I averaged about $40.00 per hour, which may sound like a lot to the uninitiated, but with my experience and speed, I can get a lot done in an hour, and actually $50 is definitely on the low side if you research industry prices in 2016.

How much value do you provide for our investment in your services?

I do have a personal paradigm regarding client satisfaction. It’s not easy to work with exact numbers, as each case is different, but if you are on a monthly retainer and paying me, say $500.00 per month, I need to bring you in at least 3x that amount in extra revenue per month as a direct result of the optimization ( $1,500.00) . That’s a good baseline figure and seems very fair. I can know all the technical stuff in the world, but if you’re not bringing in a considerable amount of extra money from my efforts, what’s the point?. If you’re making a good profit on clients above and beyond what I’m charging you, I think you’ll keep me around, right? Pretty good ROI.

Okay. What do we do from here?

Get in touch with me to arrange for a free phone consult (or, if you’re close enough, have an in-person  consult). I’ll will also supply you with you a personaized video of the issues with your website.

Can you give us references?

Of course

Any final words?

Contact me. You’ll be glad you did.